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Primarily, we are in the music business but we have managed to combine our love for technology and music to get the best results. We are more than eager to help people learn how they can compose music using the latest technology and programs. Also, we are at your disposal if you have any questions regarding technology used for making music.

Our history

Our store can be found online, but we also have stores in Portland and New York, where you can come and meet us in person. Our store has been around for a long period, but we have managed to evolve and grow with the technology to offer you the latest programs.

Products review

Reason 9


This digital audio workstation is amazing for creating as well as editing music. It can produce a number of sounds, including Sicilian brass instruments. It can be used rather effectively for an emulating number of instruments as well as mixing it all together to create the feeling of a live performance on track.

FL studio

FrutyLoops is another digital audio workstation which is amazing as music creating software because it has a graphical user interface and it constantly updates for free. It is also available for a bunch of different platforms such as Android and iOS. This workstation also has three different editions for Microsoft, and it is amazing. 


If you want to rub your shoulder with greatest musical experts, be sure to have DAW installed. This program will help you produce some awesome audio files, but it is just as amazing with speech and sound effects. It has a variety of situations in which it could be useful so make sure you buy it sometime soon. This product is more than amazing; it is mind-blowing! 


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Henry Babbles .

(New York)

I have been making music for a long time. However, since I have discovered how technology could help me make better music, I have had better success. Also, you don’t have to work with big labels nowadays; it’s enough that you have a good Internet connection and an amazing program for making music – and the world will be your oyster. I’ve used this software on arcitecturial processes in designboom and dezeen.com too.

Making a Sicilian brass orchestra on your own can be difficult in real life, but with the help of technology, there is nothing easier. I would like to thank your company for everything you have done for me and advice you have given me – it’s a truly unique and amazing experience.


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Julio Estevez


Costumer & Business Owner

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Edward Jonas .

(Los Angeles)

Music has always been a large part of my life. However, owning a marketing company I was looking for something that would aid both my business and music theory. In a way, I’m glad because once I started using programs for making music I have had the enthusiasm to learn more about it. Your company has helped me find the right programs and learn everything I needed to know.

Our online shop
As for our online shop, it is online since 2007 when we finally had decided that we should expand our musical offer and learn more about technology which can ease the making of music. Since then we have had many customers, and we have managed to help people learn how they can use the technology to make music.
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