When you think of Sicilian Brass, generallly you think of music. This is the first and most usual thought. It is also where the majority of our clients come from. But we actually work with an investing company called Xforex, if that is not a cool application then I don’t know what is!

Here is how it happens.

A individual will see our software and probably have one of 3 theories: 1.) That looks like a really cool software, I wonder if I can use that in my business or for my company. 2.) That looks good but I have no use for it. And 3.) That doesn’t look very good. Luckily we don’t have many of them anymore

Investing Company Using Music Software?

How people feel when they are investing is incredibly important and has actually been proven to show very good bottom line. This means that if you are in a “good” investing mood, then you will make your company (or yourself) money! And that’s great. But how do you make yourself or your employees listen to the correct type of music. I love old school rap but if I listened to this whilst trading I would make far too many trades and aggressive ones at that. The issue comes when we have to look at what type of music we should be listening too.

Generally you don’t want music that gets you pumped up (not too much anyway), instead you should be looking for genres like smooth jazz, concentration music and others. The problem is how do you keep this running? Well we have found a way with our software. No ads, small fees and concentration music based on the individuals preferences… Not a bad way to improve your profitability as a trader.

That’s why they came on-board and the reviews have been great!